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Sneha Couvillion

Sneha Couvillion
Professional Title: 
Biomedical Scientist
Phone Number: 
(509) 372-6626


  • Khare S., G.M. Deloid, R.M. Molina, K. Gokulan, S.P. Couvillion, K.J. Bloodsworth, and E.K. Eder, et al. 2020. "Effects of ingested nanocellulose on intestinal microbiota and homeostasis in Wistar Han rats." NanoImpact 18. PNNL-SA-149247. doi:10.1016/j.impact.2020.100216


  • Couvillion S.P., Y. Zhu, G. Nagy, J.N. Adkins, C.K. Ansong, R.S. Renslow, and P.D. Piehowski, et al. 2019. "New mass spectrometry technologies contributing towards comprehensive and high throughput omics analyses of single cells." Analyst 144, no. 3:794-807. PNNL-SA-137430. doi:10.1039/C8AN01574K
  • Zamith-Miranda D., H.M. Heyman, L.G. Cleare, S.P. Couvillion, G. Clair, E.L. Bredeweg, and A. Gacser, et al. 2019. "Multi-omics signature of Candida Auris, an emerging and multidrug-resistant pathogen." mSystems 4, no. 4:e00257-19. PNNL-SA-140174. doi:10.1128/mSystems.00257-19
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