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Karin Rodland

Professional Title: 
Chief Scientist

Dr. Rodland's research is focused on mechanisms of signal transduction in normal cells and how these mechanisms are altered in cancer cells. She is particularly interested in using a systems biology approach to understand how distinct signalling pathways are integrated to fine tune cellular responses. She is involved in efforts to apply a proteomics based approach to identify biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer and other chronic diseases, and in the use of systems biology to identify potential therapeutic targets. Dr. Rodland was the among the first to demonstrate that variations in extracellular calcium concentration could be sensed by a variety of epithelial and mesenchymal cells through activation of the G-protein coupled calcium-sensing receptor, resulting in activation of the Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK signaling cascade. Dr. Rodland's current research focuses on improving the ability to identify and validate biomarkers of disease by combining expert knowledge of cellular pathways with statistical approaches.  

Prior to joining the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Dr. Rodland was an associate professor in the department of cell and developmental biology at Oregon Health Sciences University from 1985-2001. 

  • Ph.D., Biology, Syracuse University
  • A.B., Biology/Education, Hood College
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