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Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon
Professional Title: 

Dr. Cannon is author of more than 50 technical publications in modeling and simulation, data analysis and proteomics. His graduate work was in statistical thermodynamics in the laboratory of J. Andrew McCammon studying molecular recognition proteins using molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods. His graduate work was in the laboratory of Steven J. Benkovic where he worked in both experimental and computational enzymology. Before joining PNNL, Dr. Cannon spent time at Monsanto working on high-throughput transcriptome data analysis and network inference. Since joining PNNL, Dr. Cannon has worked on statistical methods for integrating proteomics data with models, the use of supercomputers to maximize the identification of peptides and proteins from high throughput mass spectrometry assays, and the modeling and simulation of metabolic pathways.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Doctorate, Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Houston
  • Post-doctoral Scholar, Enzymology, Pennsylvania State University
  • Academic Tree
  • 2013 Computational and Information Sciences Directorate Outstanding Performance Award
  • 2007 Computational and Information Sciences Directorate Outstanding Performance Award
  • 2003 FSD Outstanding Performance Award
  • 2004 FSD Outstanding Performance Award
  • 2000 Monsanto Outstanding Performance Award
  • 1995 NIH Post-doctoral National Research Service Award in Biophysical Chemistry
  • 1992 NIH Pre-doctoral National Research Service Award in Biophysics
  • 1990 Welch Foundation Graduate Award 1990, University of Houston
  • 1985 Honors in Chemistry, University of California


Research Interests: 
  • Computational biophysics, biochemistry and proteomics; Modeling and simulation including deterministic and stochastic simulation of metabolism; simulations of state; microbial metabolism; statistics, statistical mechanics and statistical proteomics data analysis; Cloud computing and high performance computing.


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  • Cannon WR and Baker SE. 2017. "Non-Steady State Mass Action Dynamics Without Rate Constants: Dynamics of Coupled Reactions Using Chemical Potentials." Phys. Biol. 14(5):055003.  10.1088/1478-3975/aa7d80


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