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For a PNNL Paper, Kudos for High Citations

A paper on dengue virus infection co-authored by five PNNL researchers was just named one of the 25 percent most-cited articles in the journal PLOS Pathogens.
Aedes aegypti can spread dengue fever.

"Dengue Virus Infection Perturbs Lipid Homeostasis in Infected Mosquito Cells" was published in March of 2012. It identifies several lipid classes differentially regulated during dengue virus replication, along with a lipid repertoire that is inhibitory to viral replication. Knowing how dengue virus replicates by using cellular lipids and downstream signaling pathways is a step towards developing effective antivirals.

The study also foreshadows future comparative analyses of the human host and vector membrane environments required for viral replication.

Sharing authorship honors with five colleagues from Purdue University were PNNL's Giorgis Isaac (no longer at the Lab), Ronald J. Moore, Karl W. Weitz, Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic, and Thomas O. Metz.

Portions of the research were performed at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory.

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