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Ansong and the “Holy Grail of Proteomics” at Upcoming ACS Meeting

The American Chemical Society invited BSD’s Charles Ansong to speak at the upcoming Spring meeting; he’ll discuss recently published research about new approaches for looking at small scale samples—down to single cells—and their application to lung biology.

Broad unbiased proteome measurements of single cells is one of the “holy grails of proteomics” Ansong said.  Their approach for unbiased single cell proteomics involves coupling fluorescence‐activated cell sorting (FACS) with nanoPOTS—a platform developed at PNNL by Ying Zhu for nano-scale sample preparation that’s gaining international recognition and awards.

Ansong says that FACS allows the team to precisely deposit single cells into the nanoPOTS device for proteomics analysis. “Our collaborators at the University of Rochester provided cells isolated from lungs of pediatric donors, and we demonstrated that our FACS-nanoPOTS platform provided broad proteome measurements from single cells and enabled distinguishing of different lung cell types by protein expression alone. This level of cellular detail in the context of both adult and children’s interstitial lung diseases can give us information that could one day save lives.”

Ansong will present at 4:15 p.m. on the first day of the conference: Sunday, March 31.

March 2019
| Pacific Northwest National Laboratory